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Dream Catcher Stables, Inc – Where Dreams Begin

From the smallest rider who comes to gain balance and socialization to the oldest rider who comes to find peace and live lifelong dreams, Dream Catcher Stables, in it’s 15 years has never deviated from it’s mission:  To provide a place in perpetuity where people with disabilities can be successful, equal, and capable growing to their maximum life’s potential through interaction with horses in a positive environment.

The Board of Directors has formed a Capital Campaign to acquire a forever home for this all volunteer public charity [501(c)(3) under 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the Internal Revenue Code].

Join us now by donating funds to our campaign with your donation of  $10, $100, $25,000. -  We will be on our way! 

Help us buy     1 square foot with a $10 donation
                        1 square yard with a  $100 donation
                        1 acre with a $25,000 donation

Your donation will be recognized in our Honorary owners book to be displayed in our permanent facility
By contributing an acre or more your name will placed on a placque to be hung in our permanent facility.

Act now! 

Allow our program to grow to it’s full potential and complete our mission! 

Visit our website:  http://www.dreamcatcherstables.org  and select a PayPal button

OR make your check or money order payable to Dream Catcher Stables, Inc
Send it to:  Dream Catcher Stables, Inc
                    P.O. Box 1454
                     Spring, TX  77383-1454          

Or come see us at 6215 Greens Road any Saturday or Sunday Morning and deliver your gift in person.

Download the CapitalCampaignInternalFlier [PDF File]



2015 Annual Fundraiser -- Shoot for the Dreams -- a sporting clay shoot on October 29
Due to the 2015 weather, we have had to move our annual fundraiser date to October 29, 2015. Same place, same time, two weeks later.
Click on flier for details. You may pay using our "any amount" PayPal button or send a check.

Please Download the event Flyer here!



Party Hearty Texas Style is history. Everyone had a great time raising $15,564.75 for Dream Catcher Stables 2015 budget.

Silent Auction and Social Hour
Mariachi Serenata Juvenil
Welcoming Remarks and Introductions
Sanna Roling, President
Jo Ann Harris, Cherokee
The Lord’s Prayer in Cherokee Sign Language
Dinner Prepared and Served by NHS Culinary Arts
Annele Swanson, Executive Chef
Samual Bates, Assistant Executive Chef
Shanice Jackson, Sous Chef
Dessert Courtesy of Lawler’s Desserts
Party Hearty Western Fashions
Fashions provided by Boot Barn, Humble TX
Make-up by Katie Prewitt Mary Kay
Music provided by Luis Miguel Castro
Patriotic Closing
Jo Ann Harris - God Bless the U.S.A.
Silent Auction Conclusion
Happy Trails!
We sincerely appreciate our Event Sponsor

Please patronize the following businesses who helped make this event so successful:

Black Cat Junction Resale Boutique HAAM
Boot Barn FM 1960, Humble, TX
Dover Saddlery
Horse & Rider, Conroe, TX
Katie Prewitt Mary Kay
Lawler’s Desserts, Humble, TX

Marsh & Mclennon Agency
Minuteman Press, Humble, TX

Santa Teresa Cemetery, Inc
Texas Capital Bank

Deep appreciation also goes to:

Simone Brodsky
Darlene Brummett & Family
The Cheplicks
Commissioner R Jack Cagle
Martha Flores
Bryan & Robin Gentle
Allen & Makaela Glass
Peggy Husky
Howard & Amanda Logan
Jim & Iola Messinger
Bill Mitchell
Kristine Rollinson
Paul & Sanna Roling
Kimberly, Carole, & Wayne Springer
Blake Shaver
Marianne Wolfgang
Party Hearty Horsepower Style coming in 2015
Checkback for further information this spring



Dream Catcher Stables closes 2013 with a great honor.  We are one of 28 programs nationwide achieving Messenger status and one of only two Texas organizations with Equus Foundation!

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Our Organizations Mission:
    "To provide a place in perpetuity where people with disabilities can be equal, capable and successful, growing to their maximum potential through interaction with horses in a positive environment".

We accomplish our mission by providing educational, recreational, and sport, programming, including vocational/prevocational opportunities, to youth at risk and youth and adults with disabilities. Individuals are accepted without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background. Our funding comes from the loving generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations. We thank each and every one of our contributors, supporters, partners, and volunteers. Our athletes especially thank you for helping provide them with the opportunity to learn, love and grow.

A few of our many recent Successes:

  • A person with autism has gained the capability to be a positive contributing member of a group conversation involving family members and other adults.
  • A youth at-risk described our pilot program, “I think it’s great...since I joined this program I seem to be out of [mental] hospitals for good...” She went on to college.
  • A person with Down Syndrome accepts greater tasks at home to assist her single mom.
  • A person with Cerebral Palsy sits up instead of lying down and gains better use of hands.
  • Youth with and without disabilities sitting in a group, chatting and joking with each other.
  • An introverted young lady who now directs other volunteers and teaches beginning riders.
  • Youth serving community service who beg to be volunteers helping our riders and working with our horses.
  • Adults who become involved in the daily routines and program because of their family members.
  • A youth with autism competing and winning a large class in an ordinary horse show.
  • An adult with MS who states “I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the ride ... I think it helps reduce the back pain and strengthen my legs.  Just wish I could walk.... Thanks for doing what you do” and “Wow!  After 50 years I can still ride a horse...”
  • A visually impaired person able to successfully ride with NO consideration for her disability.



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Dream Catcher Stables is now a member of the Carrots4acause network (External Link to Profile)

What people say:
"Dreamcatchers is so very beneficial to handicap children and at risk students. It gives them a chance to succeed, learn independence, and become more self-reliant. It provides the children the ability to increase physical stamina and develop a work ethic however limited." 
- Melody April 30, 2011

"As an aunt to a special needs nephew, I knew when I first volunteered at Dream Catcher Stables what I would find upon my arrival. I would and did find dedicated, loving, hard working students who find their personal outlet for success and freedom to do something they love and is so important to them. At Dream Catcher, they can be themselves. Their love for the horses and the respect for their instructors is more than obvious. All one has to do is look into the eyes and faces of each one and see how important it is to them to be there..."
- Janet April 29, 2011

"I am special needs person and have been a client of Dreamcatcher for over 3 years. This group has helped me very much in understanding that if I try to succeed at something, I can probably accomplish my goal one way or another. They let me work at my own pace but give me support and encouragement so that I can progress a little bit more every time I go to my sessions." - Anonymous Post April 24, 2011

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